Mga Bugtong 1-20




* Bugtong about animals

1. Bugtong 1-28-06
*Sagot/answer for bugtong 1-28-06
2. Bugtong 1-30-06
*answer for bugtong 1-30-06
3. Bugtong 2-01-06
*answer for bugtong
4. Bugtong 3-13-06
*answer for bugtong 3-13-06
5. Bugtong 4-20-06
*answer for bugtong 4-20-06

6. Bugtong of the Day 3

*Answer of bugtong 3

7. Bugtong of the Day 4
*Answer of bugtong 4

8. Bugtong of the Day 6

*Answer of bugtong 6
9.Bugtong of the Day
*Answer for Bugtong 7

10. Bugtong of the Day 3-12-07

* Answer for Bugtong 3-12-07

11. Bugtong for 3-14-07

*Answer for Bugtong 3-14-07

**Bugtong about fruits
1. Bugtong 3-03-06

*answer for bugtongb 3-03-06-
2. Bugtong
*answer for bugtong

3. Bugtong 3-11-06
*answer for bugtong 3-11-06
4. Bugtong 3-09-06
*answer for bugtong 3-09-06

5. Bugtong
*answer for bugtong
6. Bugtong 1

*Answer for bugtong 1

7. Bugtong for 3-10-07
*Answer for Bugtong 3-10-07

8. Bugtong for Day 3-16-07

*Answer for Bugtong 3-16-07

9. Bugtong of the Day 5-16-07
* Answer for Bugtong 5-16-07

***Bugtong about Nature

1. Bugtong 2-13-06
*answer for bugtong 2-13-06
3. Bugtong of the day 2

*Answer of bugtong 2

4. Bugtong of the Day 3-02-07

*Answer for Bugtong 3-02-07

5. Bugtong of the Day 2-26-07

*Answer for Bugtong 2-26-07

****Parts of the Body
1. Bugtong of the Day 5
*Answer of bugtong 5

*****Bugtong about Things

1. Bugtong 2-03-06
*answer for bugtong 2-03-06
2. Bugtong 2-05-06
*answer for bugtong 2-05-06

3. Bugtong 2-07-06
*answer for bugtong 2-07-06
4. Bugtong
*answer for bugtong 2-09-06
5. Bugtong 2-11-06
*answer for bugtong 2-11-06
6. Bugtong of the Day 8

*Answer for Bugtong 8

7. Bugtong of the Day 9

* Answer for Bugtong 9

8. Bugtong 10
*Answer for Bugtong 10
9. Bugtong of the Day 1-18-07

*Answer for Bugtong 1-18-07

10. Bugtong of the Day 3-06-07

*Answer for Bugtong 3-06-07

11. Bugtong of the Day 3-04-07

*Answer for Bugtong 3-04-07

12. Bugtong of the Day 2-28-07

*Answer for Bugtong 2-28-07

13. Bugtong for Day 2-24-07
* Answer for Bugtong 2-24-07

14. Bugtong for 5-28-07

* Answer for Bugtong 5-28-07
14. Bugtong for 5-28-07

* Answer for Bugtong 5-28-07

15. Bugtong for 5-26-07

*Answer for Bugtong 5-26-07

16. Bugtong 5-24-07

*Answer for Bugtong 5-24-07
15. Bugtong 5-24-07

*Answer for Bugtong 5-24-07

Bugtong about vegetables

1. Bugtong for the Day 11-06-06

* Answer for the Bugtong 11-6-06

2. Bugtong for the Day 4-23-06
* Answer for Bugtong 4-23-06

3. Bugtong for the Day 4-25-06
* Answer for Bugtong 4-25-06

4. Bugtong of the day 3-08-07
*Answer for Bugtong 3-08-07


Philippine Folk Dance-Mountain-Igorot Dances

The mountainous Central Cordillera region of Northern Luzon includes six ethno-linguistic tribes known as the Ibaloy, Kankanay, Ifugao, Kalinga, Apayao, and Bontoc. They prefer to be called by their respective tribal names rather than the collective term Igorot, which was first used by the Spaniards and later by Christian lowlanders. These tribes were generally unfazed by Spanish colonization. This homogeneous group is recognized by their common socio-cultural traits. They hold common religious beliefs, generally nature-related, and make propitiatory offerings to anitos, or household gods. Among these people of the Cordillera, dance continues to be an expression of community life that animates the various rituals and ceremonies. It serves for self-edification of the performers and entertainment for the spectators. They dance to appease their ancestors and gods to cure ailments, to insure successful war-mating activities,or to ward off bad luck or natural calamities. They dance to congregate and socialize, for general welfare and recreation, and as an outlet for repressed feeling. They also dance to insure bountiful harvests, favorable weather, and to mark milestones in the cycle of life.

The Mountain-Igorot Dances are:

1. Apayao Courtship Dance

2. Bindian

3. Lumagen

4. Dinuyya

5. Ragragsakan

6. Tarektek

7. Pattong

8. Banga

9. Sakpaya


Philippine Folk Dance -Tribal Dances

The hillside and interior of Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippines are inhabited by non-Christian Filipino tribes whose culture and animistic beliefs predate both Islam and Christianity. Dance for them is a basic part of life, still performed essentially "for the gods." As in most ancient cultures, unlike the Muslim tribes in their midst, their dances are nonetheless closely intertwined with ceremonials, rituals, sacrifice, and life.

Tribal Dances:

1. Dugso

2. Sagayan

3. Tagabili

4. Dumadel

5. Udol Dance

6. Karasaguyon

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Philippine Folk Dance -Muslim Dances

The Muslims in the Philippines, also known as Moros include the the Maranao, Maguindanao, Samal, and Tausug. Because they were able to resist Spanish colonizations, they were able to preserve the Islamic lifestyle that markedly differs from the majority of the Philippine population. The dances are characterized by vivid colors and rhythmic movements which reflect the influence of Arabian and Indo-Malaysian cultures.

Muslim Dances:

1. Singkil

2. Sagayan
3. Pangalay
4. Asik

5. Maglangka



Philippine Folk Dance- Rural and Barrio Dances

Perhaps the best known and closest to the Filipino heart are the dances from the rural Christian lowlands: a country blessed with so much beauty. To the Filipinos, these dances illustrate the fiesta spirit and demonstrate a love of life. They express a joy in work, a love for music, and pleasure in the simplicities of life. Typical attire in the Rural Suite include the colorful balintawak and patadyong skirts for the women, and camisa de chino and colored trousers for the men.

These dances are lively and incorporate a deep appreciation for music. Often they include fetes such as balancing jars of oil on the head and arms while dancing gracefully.

The Rural and Barrio Dances:

2. Kuratsa
3. Tinikling
4. Pandanggo sa Ilaw
5. Itik-itik

6. Sayaw Sa Bangko

7. Maglalatik

8. GAWAY-GAWAY- Rural and Barrio Dances

9. Bulaklakan

10. Wasiwas

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Philippine Folk Dance-Maria Clara Dances

The ‘Maria Clara’ style of dance is named after a Spanish-style dress, and its performance includes Spanish footwork with Filipino modifications such as bamboo castanets and Asian fans.

These are the Maria Clara dances:

1. Carinosa

2. Aray

3. Alcamfor
4. Havanera de Jovencita
5. Rigodon de Honor or Rigoon Royale

6. Chotis

7. Panderetas

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Jose Rizal

Poems of Jose Rizal

1. Mi Ultimo Adios with English translation

2. Song of Maria Clara(English translation of Canto De Maria Clara)

3.Hymn to Labor

4. Memories of My Town(Tagalog Translation of Jose Rizal's poem Un Mi Recuerdo Pueblo)

5. Our Mother Tongue

6.To the Philippine Youth

7. Kundiman

8. A las Flores Heidelberg (with English translation

9. A Poem that has no title

10. Jose Rizal's Last Farewell translated in German language

11. Bicol Translation of Last Farewell Bicol: Huring Paaram

12. Canto de Maria Clara

13. Un Recuerdo Mi Pueblo

14. Isang Alaala Ng Aking Bayan (Translation in tagalog of Jose Rizal's poem Un Recuerdo Mi Pueblo)

15. Me Piden Versos

16. A La Juventud Filipina-written 1879

17. El Embarque -written 1875

18. Sa Aking Mga Kabata-A poem originally written in Tagalog when Jose Rizal was eight years old so the year must be 1869.

19. Por La Educación
( Recibe Lustre La Patria )-1876


21. My First Inspiration -English translation of Mi Primera Inspiracion

22. Education Gives Luster To The Motherland-English translation of Por La Educacion

23. To My Fellow Children-English translation of Sa Aking Mga Kabata


Christmas Songs Sung by Pinoy Singers

Christmas Songs sung by Pinoy Singers

1.Let It Snow (Imago)

2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Orange and Lemons)


4. Christmas Past- Jose Mari Chan

5.Let There Be Peace on Earth

6. My Grown-Up Christmas List by Metafour

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Visayan Christmas Songs

1. Noche Buena
2. Pasko na Usab

3. Misa de Gallo

4. Malipayong Pasko

5. Kasadya Ning Taknaa




picture of Sponge Cola



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Tagalog Folk Songs

Tagalog Folk Songs

uploaded by cathcath.com
1. Leron Leron Sinta
1.1 Leron-leron Sinta (English translation)
2. Bahay Kubo
2.1 Bahay Kubo (English Translation)

3.Paruparung Bukid


5. Doon Po Sa Amin

6. Magtanim ay Di Biro

7a. Magtanim ay Di Biro (English translation)


10. Sampaguita

11. O Ilaw

12. Pamaypay ng Maynila

13. Lulay

14. Kung Nagsasayaw Kita

15. Ay, Ay O Pag-ibig

16. Ang Pipit

17. Pandanggo sa Ilaw

18. Kalesa

19. Tilibong tilibong lyrics

20. Santa Clarang Pinong-pino (with English translation)

21. Sinisinta Kita

22. Inday sa Balitaw

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OPM Christmas Songs


1.Christmas In Our Hearts (Jose Mari Chan)(OPM with chords)

2. Sana Ngayong Pasko by Ariel Rivera (OPM with chords)

3. Nakaraang Pasko by Kuh Ledesma (OPM with chords)

4. Ang Bango ng Pasko by Sarah Geronimo

5. Pasko na sa Maynila (OPM song of Ariel Rivera with chords)

6. Sana Araw-araw ay Pasko (OPM with chords)

7. Silent Night na Naman (with chords)

8. Pasko na, Pasko na lyrics (with chords)
9. Sa Paskong Ito lyrics with chords)

10. Sana Ngayong Pasko lyrics (with chords)

11. Kahit sa Pasko Lang (with chords)

12. I dream of Christmas (with chords)

13. Bakit Araw pa ng Pasko (with chords)
14. Nakaraang Pasko (with chords)

15. Baka Next Year (with chords)

16. Kumukuti-kutitap

17. Christmas Card (with chords)

18. Tuloy na Tuloy Pa Rin ang Pasko

19. Christmas Won't Be Same Without You(Mark Bautista and Sarah Geronimo)
20. Simbang Gabi (Parokya ni Edgar)

21. Christmas Bonus

22. Christmas In Our Heart

23. Paskong Kay Ganda by Jose Mari Chan
24. Christmas Past- Jose Mari Chan

25.Himig Ng Pasko by Apo Hiking Society

26. Sa Araw Ng Pasko

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Visayan Songs

1. Pobreng Alindahaw



Filipino Christmas Songs

Tagalog Christmas Songs
uploaded by cathcath.com

1. Pasko na Sinta Ko

1a. Pasko na Sinta Ko (with chords)

2. Kampana Ng Simbahan

3.Noche Buena

4. Payapang Daigdig

5. Miss Kita Kung Christmas

6.Miss Kita Kung Christmas (with chords)

7. Sa Paskong Darating

8. Himig ng Pasko

8a. Himig ng PAsko (with chords)

9. Bati Nami'y Merry Christmas

10. Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit
11. Ang Pasko ay Sumapit (with chords)

12. Misa De Gallo

13. Sa Maybahay Ang Aming Bati

13a. Sa Maybahay ang Aming Bati with chords
14. Simbang Gabi

Pasko Na Naman

16. O Magsaya

17. Pasko Sa Nayon
18. Mano Po Ninong, Mano Po Ninang

19. Sino si Santa Claus?

20. Ang Diwa ng Pasko

21. Paskong Bukol ng Ninong Ko


1.Christmas In Our Hearts (Jose Mari Chan)(OPM with chords)

2. Sana Ngayong Pasko by Ariel Rivera (OPM with chords)

3. Nakaraang Pasko by Kuh Ledesma (OPM with chords)

4. Ang Bango ng Pasko by Sarah Geronimo

5. Pasko na sa Maynila (OPM song of Ariel Rivera with chords)

6. Sana Araw-araw ay Pasko (OPM with chords)

7. Silent Night na Naman

8. Pasko na, Pasko na
9. Sa Paskong Ito

10. Sana Ngayong Pasko

11. Kahit sa Pasko Lang (with chords)

12. I dream of Christmas (with chords)

13. Bakit Araw pa ng Pasko (with chords)
14. Nakaraang Pasko (with chords)

15. Baka Next Year (with chords)

16. Kumukuti-kutitap

17. Christmas Card (with chords)

18. Tuloy na Tuloy Pa Rin ang Pasko

19. Christmas Won't Be Same Without You(Mark Bautista and Sarah Geronimo)
20. Simbang Gabi (Parokya ni Edgar)

21. Christmas Bonus

22. Paskong Kay Ganda Lyrics

23. Himig Ng Pasko by Apo Hiking Society

24. Sa Araw Ng Pasko

25. Pasko sa Pinas

26. Tito Tita

27. Ang Bango ng Pasko lyrics

28. PAsko ay Para sa Lahat

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Visayan Folk songs

* Aklanon folk song*
1. Tuba (Aklanon)

**Ilonggo folk song
1. Ili-ili (Iloggo folk song)

2. Ang Dyutay nga Damang
2. Iliili (Tagalog and English translation)

3. Si Filemon

4. Lumalabay Nga Daw Aso
courtesy of Grace Farnazo-Celis

5.Sa Bukid ako Inanak courtesy of Grace Farnazo-Celis

1. Si Pilemon (Cebuno)

2. Si Pilemon (Tagalog translation)

3. Usahay

3.1 USAHAY in Englis Version -SOMETIMES
4. Ako Kini si Angi (with translation)

5. Balitaw sa paghangyo nga mapangasawa(with Tagalog translation)

6.Pakitong-kitong(with Tagalog translation(new)


1. Lubi-Lubi (Waray version)

****All Visayan folk songs
1. Ay, Ay Kalisud

2. Matud Nila

2.1 Matud Nila (with chords)

3.Rosas Pandan

3.1 Rosas Pandan (Tagalog version)

5. Tuba (Aklanon)

6. Walang Angay
7. Tubig nga Matin-aw

8.Ahay Tuburan

(with chords)

10. Patay ng Buhi (with chords)
11. Ikaduhang Bathala (with chords)

12. Baleleng (with chords)

13. Waray-Waray

14. Kamingaw sa Payag (with chords) (added 8/8/07

15. Usa Ka Higayon (with chords) (added 8/08/07)

16. Ang Gugmang Gibati ko(with chords)

17. Ihilak

18. Mituo Ako (with chords)(added 8/8/07)

19. Balud (with chords) (added 8/8/07)

20. Bisan sa Damgo Lang (with chords)(added 8/8/07)

21. Bulan (with chords) (added 8/8/07)


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Rey Valera

Rey Valera and His Songs

Reynaldo Valera Guardiano (better known as Rey Valera) was born on in Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines. He is a singer, songwriter, music director and film scorer from the Philippines. He wrote and produced songs that were recorded by various singers, most notably Sharon Cuneta.

Rey Valera started his recording career in 1977 after becoming a band member from a group called Electric Hair Band for seven years. He waxed his first single as a solo singer - songwriter with the song Ako si Superman, which he created supposedly for Rico Puno. His former boss at Vicor Records gave him the opportunity to sing his song and at the same time hired him as one of Vicor’s in-house producers. One of his initial projects was to make a song for a twelve-year-old mayor’s daughter. The song happens to be Mr. DJ, followed by Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko. It made remarkable sales on the chart. Rey made songs for other artists such as Rico Puno's Sorry Na, Pwede Ba, Daigdig Ng Ala-ala; Geraldine’s Pangako; Pol Enriquez’ Ayoko na Sa ‘Yo and many more.

While he made songs for his peers, he made albums for himself such as Naaalala Ka, Rey Valera Vol. 2, Walang Kapalit, Hello, The Rey Valera Christmas Album, Gabay Mo Ako, Rey Valera’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1,Rey Valera’s Greatest Hits Vol. 2, Pirapirasong Ala-ala, Sa Kabila Ng Lahat, Kung Sakaling Iibig Muli, FM Ka, AM Ako, Home Sweet Home, Ang Mahalaga, etc. Most of these albums made golds and platinums.

He also worked as music director for movies, and his songs made marks also as theme songs and movie titles. These includes several Sharon Cuneta movies such as Maging Sino Ka Man, Pangako sa 'Yo, Kahit Wala Ka Na', Tayong Dalawa; Vilma Santos’ Sinasamba Kita, Romansa, Hiwalay; Robin Padilla’s Carnap King, Barumbado, and Baby Ama; Romnick Sarmenta’s Pasong Tirad, The Gregorio del Pilar Story.

Rey’s songs are considered classics and a part of the Filipino culture. Sharon paid tribute to his favorite composer when she recorded Sharon Sings Valera. Sharon’s biggest blockbuster movies were lifted from popular songs of Rey, thus mega singing Valera is an always-tested winning chemistry. Valera ‘s songs are also favorite titles and theme songs of soap operas like “Ula, Batang Gubat”(Malayo Pa Ang Umaga), “Te Amo Maging Sino Ka Man”, “Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako”, and the two year running soap series, “Pangako Sa ‘Yo”, from ABS-CBN.

In 2004, Rey reunited with his contemporaries Rico J. Puno, Marco Sison and Basil Valdez in a series of concerts highlighting the music of their own time. They also launched a VCD recording of their concert.

His songs:

1. Maging Sino Ka Man (with chords)

2. Ako si Superman (with chords)

3. Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo
4. Pangako Saiyo

5. Malayo Pa ang Umaga (with chords)

6. Naalala Ka

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Regine Velasquez Songs

Regine Velasquez

Singer, actress and TV host, this gifted songbird has proven that she is a versatile performer and song interepreter in diverse styles. From the kundiman-inspired "Narito Ako" and the teennybopper dance number, Urong Sulong to love songs like Please Be Careful with My Heart (a duet with Jose Mari Chan)and the nationalistic, Isang Lahi, she has shown her depth and has displayed her powerful range.

1. Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw

2. Please Be Careful With My Heart

3. You are My Song

4. Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw

4. Hanggang Ngayon

5. You've Made Me Stronger
6. You'll Never Walk Alone

7. Say that you love me

8. Regine sings Kailangan Kita (Video)

9. I Believe So

10. I'll Never Love This Way Again

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Philippine Heroes and Heroines

1. Melchora Aquino
2. Marcelo H. del Pilar

3. Gabriela Silang

4. Epifanio delos Santos

5. Juan Luna

6. Gregoria de Jesus

7. Andres Bonifacio

8. Jose Rizal (timeline form)

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