Wasiwas is classified under Rural and Barrio Dances. It is version of Pandanggo Sa Ilaw (Dance Of Lights). In this version of Pandanggo Sa Ilaw, the lamps are wrapped in colorful scarves and swayed in synchronized rhythm. The dance still depicts dancers balancing oil-lit lamps while dancing gracefully to the music. After a good catch, fishermen of Lingayen would celebrate by drinking wine and by dancing, swinging and circling a lighted lamp. Hence, the name "Oasiwas" which in the Pangasinan dialect means "swinging." This unique and colorful dance calls for skill in balancing an oil lamp on the head while circling in each hand a lighted lamp wrapped in a porous cloth or fishnet.

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Hello ....I would be very glad if you can possibly send me to my email address : nvgolez04@yahoo.com or nelsongolez08@gmail.com the dance steps and video of WASIWAS. We need it badly for our folk dance recital in order to pass our P.E.2 subject. Thank you very much and God Bless