Jose Rizal Poem-Song of Maria Clara

Song Of Maria Clara

Sweet are the hours in one's own Native Land,
All there is friendly o'er which the sun shines above;
Vivifying is the breeze that wafts over her fields;
Even death is gratifying and more tender is love.

Ardent kissed on a mother's lips are at play,
On her lap, upon the infant child's awakening,
The extended arms do seek her neck to entwine,
And the eyes at each other's glimpse are smiling.

It is sweet to die in one's own Native Land,
All there is friendly o'er which the sun shines above;
And deathly is the breeze for one without.



Jose Rizal's Poem -A Las Flores De Heidelberg with English translation

A Las Flores De Heidelberg

Id a mi patria, id, extrangeras flores,
sembradas del viajero en el camino,
y bajo su azul cielo,
que guarda mis amores,
contad del peregrino
la fe que alienta por su patrio suelo!
id y decid ... decid que cuando el alba
vuestro caliz abrio por vez primera
cabe el Neckar helado,
le visteis silencioso a vuestro lado
pensando en su constante primavera.
Decid que cuando el alba,
que roba vuestro aroma,
cantos de amor jugando os susurraba,
el tambien murmuraba
cantos de amor en su natal idioma;
que cuando el sol la cumbre
del Koenigsthul en la manana dora
y con su tibia lumbre
anima el valle, el bosque y la espesura,
saluda a ese sol aun en su aurora,
al que en su patria en el cenit fulgura !
y contad aquel dia
cuando os cogia al borde del sendero,
entre ruinas del feudal castillo,
orilla al Neckar, o a la selva umbria.
Contad lo que os decia ,
cuando, con gran ciudado
entre las paginas de un libro usado
vuestras flexibles hojas oprimia.

Llevad, llevad, oh flores !
amor a mis amores
paz a mi pais y a su fecunda tierra,
fe a sus hombres, virtud a sus mujeres,
salud a dulces seres
que el paternal, sagrado hogar encierra ...

Cuando to queis la playa,
el beso os imprimo
depositadlo en ala de la brisa,
por que con ella vaya
y bese cuanto adora, amo y estimo.

Mas ay llegareis flores,
conservareis quizas vuestras colores,
pero lejos del patrio, heroico suelo
a quien debeis la vida:
que aroma es alma, y no abandona el cielo,
cuya luz viera en su nacer, ni olvida.

To The Flowers Of Heidelberg

Go to my country, go, foreign flowers,
Planted by the traveler on his way,
And there beneath that sky of blue
That over my beloved towers,
Speak for this traveler to say
What faith in his homeland he breathes to you.

Go and say. . . say that when the dawn
First drew your calyx open there
Beside the River Neckar chill,
You saw him standing by you, very still,
Reflecting on the primrose flush you wear.

Say that when the morning light
Her toll of perfume from you wrung,
While playfully she whispered, "How I love you!"
He too murmured here above you
Tender love songs in his native tongue.

That when the rising sun the height
Of Kainigsthul in early morn first spies,
And with its tepid light
Is pouring life in valley, wood, and grove,
He greets the sun as it begins to rise,
Which in his native land is blazing straight above.

And tell them of that day he staid
And plucked you from the border of the path,
Amid the ruins of the feudal castle,
By the River Neckar, and in the silvan shade.
Tell them what he told you
As tenderly he took
Your pliant leaves and pressed them in a book,
Where now its well worn pages close enfold you.

Carry, carry, flowers of Rhine,
Love to every love of mine,
Peace to my country and her fertile loam,
Virtue to her women, courage to her men,
Salute those darling ones again,
Who formed the sacred circle of our home.

And when you reach that shore,
Each kiss I press upon you now,
Deposit on the pinions of the wind,
And those I love and honor and adore
Will feel my kisses carried to their brow.

Ah, flowers, you may fare through,
Conserving still, perhaps, your native hue;
Yet, far from Fatherland, heroic loam
To which you owe your life,
The perfume will be gone from you;
For aroma is your soul; it cannot roam
Beyond the skies which saw it born, nor e'er forget


Jose Rizal Poem-Hymn to Labor

Hymn To Labor

For the Motherland in war,
For the Motherland in peace,
Will the Filipino keep watch,
He will live until life will cease!


Now the East is glowing with light,
Go! To the field to till the land,
For the labour of man sustains
Fam'ly, home and Motherland.
Hard the land may turn to be,
Scorching the rays of the sun above...
For the country, wife and children
All will be easy to our love.



Go to work with spirits high,
For the wife keeps home faithfully,
Inculcates love in her children
For virtue, knowledge and country.
When the evening brings repose,
On returning joy awaits you,
And if fate is adverse, the wife,
Shall know the task to continue.



Hail! Hail! Praise to labour,
Of the country wealth and vigor!
For it brow serene's exalted,
It's her blood, life, and ardor.
If some youth would show his love
Labor his faith will sustain :
Only a man who struggles and works
Will his offspring know to maintain.



Teach, us ye the laborious work
To pursue your footsteps we wish,
For tomorrow when country calls us
We may be able your task to finish.
And on seeing us the elders will say :
"Look, they're worthy 'f their sires of yore!"
Incense does not honor the dead
As does a son with glory and valor.


Jose Rizal Poem-Memories of My Town

Memories Of My Town

When I recall the days
That saw my childhood of yore
Beside the verdant shore
Of a murmuring lagoon;
When I remember the sighs
Of the breeze that on my brow
Sweet and caressing did blow
With coolness full of delight;

When I look at the lily white
Fills up with air violent
And the stormy element
On the sand doth meekly sleep;
When sweet 'toxicating scent
From the flowers I inhale
Which at the dawn they exhale
When at us it begins to peep;

I sadly recall your face,
Oh precious infancy,
That a mother lovingly
Did succeed to embellish.
I remember a simple town;
My cradle, joy and boon,
Beside the cool lagoon
The seat of all my wish.

Oh, yes! With uncertain pace
I trod your forest lands,
And on your river banks
A pleasant fun I found;
At your rustic temple I prayed
With a little boy's simple faith
And your aura's flawless breath
Filled my heart with joy profound.

Saw I God in the grandeur
Of your woods which for centuries stand;
Never did I understand
In your bosom what sorrows were;
While I gazed on your azure sky
Neither love nor tenderness
Failed me, 'cause my hapiness
In the heart of nature rests there.

Tender childhood, beautiful town,
Rich fountain of hapiness,
Of harmonious melodies,
That drive away my sorrow!
Return thee to my heart,
Bring back my gentle hours
As do the birds when the flow'rs
Would again begin to blow !

But, alas, adieu! E'er watch
For your peace, joy and repose,
Genius of good who kindly dispose
Of his blessings with amour;
It's for thee my fervent pray'rs,
It's for thee my constant desire
Knowledge ever to acquire
And may God keep your candour!



Jose Rizal's poem - A La Juventud Filipina with English translation

A La Juventud Filipina

Alza su tersa frente,
Juventud Filipina, en este dia!
Luce resplandeciente
Tu rica gallardia,
Bella esperanza de la Patria Mia!

Vuela, genio grandioso,
Y les infunde noble pensamiento,
Que lance vigoroso,
Mas rapido que el viento,
Su mente virgen al glorioso asiento.

Baja con la luz grata
De las artes y ciencias a la arena,
Juventud, y desata
La pesada cadena
Que tu genio poetico encadena.

Ve que en la ardiente zona
Do moraron las sombras, el hispano
Esplendente corona,
Con pia sabia mano,
Ofrece al hijo de este suelo indiano.

Tu, que buscando subes,
En alas de tu rica fantasia,
Del Olimpo en las nubes
Tiernisima poesia
Mas sabrosa que nectar y ambrosia.

Tu, de celeste acento,
Melodioso rival Filomena,
Que en variado concento
En la noche serena
Disipas del mortal la amarga pena.

Tu que la pena dura
Animas al impulso de tu mente ,
Y la memoria pura
Del genio refulgente
Eternizas con genio prepotente.

Y tu, que el vario encanto
De Febo, amado del divino Apeles,
Y de natura el manto
Con magicos pinceles
Trasladar al sencillo lienzo sueles.

Corred! que sacra llama
Del genio el lauro coronar espera,
Esparciendo la Fama
Con trompa pregonera
El nombre del mortal por la ancha espera.

Dia, dia felice,
Filipinas gentil, para tu suelo!
Al Potente bendice
Que con amante anhelo
La ventura te envia y el consuelo.

To The Philippine Youth
English version

Unfold, oh timid flower !

Lift up your radiant brow,
This day, Youth of my native strand !
Your abounding talents show
Resplendently and grand,
Fair hope of my Motherland !

Soar high, oh genius great,
And with noble thoughts fill their mind;
The honor's glorious seat,
May their virgin mind fly and find
More rapidly than the wind.

Descend with the pleasing light
Of the arts and sciences to the plain,
Oh Youth, and break forthright
The links of the heavy chain
That your poetic genius enchain.

See that in the ardent zone,
The Spaniard, where shadows stand,
Doth offer a shining crown,
With wise and merciful hand
To the son of this Indian land.

You, who heavenward rise
On wings of your rich fantasy,
Seek in the Olympian skies
The tenderest poesy,
More sweet than divine honey;

You of heavenly harmony,
On a calm unperturbed night,
Philomel's match in melody,
That in varied symphony
Dissipate man's sorrow's blight;

You at th' impulse of your mind
The hard rock animate
And your mind with great pow'r consigned
Transformed into immortal state
The pure mem'ry of genius great;

And you, who with magic brush
On canvas plain capture
The varied charm of Phoebus,
Loved by the divine Apelles,
And the mantle of Nature;

Run ! For genius' sacred flame
Awaits the artist's crowning
Spreading far and wide the fame
Throughout the sphere proclaiming
With trumpet the mortal's name

Oh, joyful, joyful day,
The Almighty blessed be
Who, with loving eagerness
Sends you luck and happiness


Jose Rizal-Our Mother Tongue

Our Mother Tongue
(A poem in Tagalog written by Rizal when he was eight years old)

IF truly a people dearly love
The tongue to them by Heaven sent,
They'll surely yearn for liberty
Like a bird above in the firmament.
BECAUSE by its language one can judge
A town, a barrio, and kingdom;
And like any other created thing
Every human being loves his freedom.
ONE who doesn't love his native tongue,
Is worse than putrid fish and beast;
AND like a truly precious thing
It therefore deserves to be cherished.
THE Tagalog language's akin to Latin,
To English, Spanish, angelical tongue;
For God who knows how to look after us
This language He bestowed us upon.
AS others, our language is the same
With alphabet and letters of its own,
It was lost because a storm did destroy
On the lake the bangka 1 in years bygone.



Tagalog Song OPM-ALAALA

Rico j. Puno

NARRATION: Hey, you know Everybody's talking about the
good 'ol days right? Everybody, the good 'ol days, the
good 'ol days Well let's talk about the good 'ol days
Ang sarap isipin ang mga bagay Na nagpaligaya sa atin
noon diba? Katulad ng first love mo, naaalala mo pa ba?
Madalas kayong mamasyal, manood ng sine Kumain sa labas,
at kung anu-ano pa Kung minsan nga, kulang ang isang
araw Para magkasama kayo Madalas mo siyang halikan Sa
cheeks, sa lips, sa eyes, sa nose May pahawak-hawak ka
pa sa kamay Tinitignan mo ang mata niya Sinasabi mong
"I love you" Pero bakit ganoon ang panahon Kung sino
pa yung mahal na mahal mo Siya pang nawawala sa iyo
Siya pa na kasing halaga pa ng buhay mo.

Memories, light the corners of my mind
Misty waters colored memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were
Can it be that it was all so simple then
Or has time rewritten every line
And if we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we, could we
Alaala, ng tayo'y mag-sweetheart pa
Namamasyal pa sa Luneta Nang walang pera
So it's the laughter We will remember
Whenever we remember The way we were
Remember... the way we were.

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Ilocano Folk Song -BALELENG


Ilocos Sur baleleng ti naggapuak
Ili ili baleleng nagpaspasiarak
Diay amianan baleleng nangirugiak
Abagatan baleleng ti nagtungpalak

Diay Sinait baleleng, kabawangan
Diay Cabugao baleleng, katabakuan
Diay San Juan baleleng, kapandayan
Diay Magsingal baleleng, kaasinan

Santo Domingo baleleng, kasantolan
San Ildefonso baleleng, kamageyan
Diay Bantay baleleng, kabalitokan
Diay Vigan baleleng, kaantiquean

Santa Vicente baleleng, karerebultuan
Santa Catalina baleleng, kanatengan
Diay Caoayan baleleng, kaikanan
Diay Santa baleleng, kabunengan

Diay Narvacan baleleng, kaubasan
Santa Maria baleleng, kakapasan
Diay San Esteban baleleng, kaalsongan
Diay Santiago baleleng, kasarguelasan

Diay Candon baleleng, kakalamayan
Santa Lucia baleleng, ti kaniogan
Diay Santa Cruz baleleng, kalandokan
Diay Tagudin baleleng, karestauranan.

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Nagsabong Ken Ayat-ILOCANO FOLK SONG

Nagsabong Ken Ayat

Nagsabong ken ayat
Ay-ay pay 'toy gasat
Nagsabong ken iliw da tuok ken rigat
Awan laeng maurayko a kaasim kaniak
No di laeng 'ta langam a mabuybuyak

Manipud pay idi sika ti pimmanaw
Binilbilangko ti petsa ti inaldaw
Sangapulo ket tallo ti mabilang iti Mayo
Simmangpetka, biagko, ngem siak linipatmo

Ala, bigbigem man no siak met la daydi
Inka inay-ayat ti adu a karkari
Agsangsangit daytoy pusok
No malaglagipko dagidi
Daydi ayan-ayat nga inka pinerdi