Philippines is not the only the country that believe in some unfounded beliefs such as "sleeping with wet hair will make you blind" and other stuff. Some of these superstitions were brought to the Philippine shores by the colonizers i.e. Spain,
trade partners, i.e. China.

Some of the superstitions are the "do not types".

1. Do not sweep the floor in the evening. It is believed that you are driving the good luck away.

2. Do not trim or cut nails in the evening. It forebodes death in the family.

3. Do not sleep with wet hair. It will make you blind.

4. Do not sing infront of a stove or cooking range or whatever, if you are a young woman. You'll marry an old man.

Some of the superstitions are kind of the "warning types".

1. When you dream that you lose a tooth, it means that a relative is going to die.

2. When a black butterfly hovers around, it means sad news, death in the family.

3. When you drop a spoon, there will be a lady guest soon, if it is fork, it is male.

4. When a house lizard (butiki) makes its sound near a door, it means there will be a visitor soon, if it is coming from a window,it is you got mail.

5. When a black cat suddenly appears in your pathway, it is bad luck.


Filipino Folk Song-Sitsiritsit


uploaded by cathcath.com

This is playful song describing a flirt lady and threatening the storeowner that the ants are going to get him if he is not going to extend credit.

Sitsiritsit, alibangbang
Salaginto at salagubang
Ang babae sa lansangan
Kung gumiri'y parang tandang
Santo NiƱo sa Pandakan
Putoseko sa tindahan
Kung ayaw mong magpautang
Uubusin ka ng langgam
Mama, mama, namamangka
Pasakayin yaring bata.
Pagdating sa Maynila, ipagapalit ng manika.

Ale-ale,namamayong , pasukubin yaring sanggol,
Pagdating sa Malabon, ipagpalit ng bagoong.

Here is the literal English translation of the Filipino folk song

Sitsiritsit, butterfly
Black and golden beetles fly
The woman in the street
flirts like a rooster.
The Child Jesus in Pandacan,
Rice cakes in the small stores.
If you do not want to give credit,
The ants are going to bite you

Mister, mister, in the boat
Let the kid ride with you,
When you reach Manila,
trade him/her with a doll.

Lady, lady, with an umbrella,
Share the umbrella with the baby,
When you reach Malabon,
trade him/her with salted anchovies.

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Filipino Folk Song-Paru-parung Bukid


This is a song about a flirtatious that is compared to a very colorful butterfly.

uploaded by cathcath.com

Paruparong bukid na lilipad-lipad
Sa gitna ng daan papagapagaspas
Isang bara ang tapisIsang dangkal
ang manggasAng sayang de kola
Isang piyesa ang sayad
May payneta pa siya -- uy!
May suklay pa mandin -- uy!
Nagwas de-ohetes ang palalabasin
Haharap sa altar at mananalamin
At saka lalakad na pakendeng-kendeng.

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