Philippine Folk Dance -Tribal Dances

The hillside and interior of Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippines are inhabited by non-Christian Filipino tribes whose culture and animistic beliefs predate both Islam and Christianity. Dance for them is a basic part of life, still performed essentially "for the gods." As in most ancient cultures, unlike the Muslim tribes in their midst, their dances are nonetheless closely intertwined with ceremonials, rituals, sacrifice, and life.

Tribal Dances:

1. Dugso

2. Sagayan

3. Tagabili

4. Dumadel

5. Udol Dance

6. Karasaguyon

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Lhoy said...

Ate, pwede pong mag-request na kung pwede po ay pwedeng ma-download lang ang mp3 or music ng mga folk dances?

Thank You Po!

Anonymous said...

pwede po bang malaman kong saang lugar galing ang alajota?
thanks poh!kailangan lang po sa poject