Martin Nievera

Martin Nievera

Martin Nievera dubbed as Concert King is the son of balladeer Bert Nievera and Conchita Razon.

He's formerly married to Pops Fernandez, the Concert Queen to whom he has two sons,
Robin and Ram.

He sings ballads, love songs, songs from Broadway musicals, and OPMs (Original Pilipino Music including his own compositions.

According to him, he has written one hundred songs but only two became hits.

He describes his children as: “My kids love to sing too. Robin, the older of the two is more like his mother. He’s shy and quiet. Ram is more like me -- talkative and very demonstrative.” As any typical proud papa would, he casually tells newsmen that Ram impersonates Jim Carey and a South Park cartoon character like a pro.

1. Be My Lady

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