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His real name is Rodolfo Vera Quizon, but for millions of his followers, he is simply Dolphy, gifted performer, comedian par excellence, dramatic actor, lover to many beautiful women at one time or another, now faithful to only one, doting father (of 18 children!), vaudeville alumnus, movie and TV star, slowing down a bit now but still popular, still going strong.

Through the decades he has had so many loves, not too publicized or well known, with showbiz beauties like the then young Lotis Key, who has a theater background; Alma Moreno (mother of his son Vandolph),and for a time, Pilar Pilapil, etc.
Finally he settled down. For years he has lived blissfully with singer Zsa Zsa Padilla, his “common-law wife” or, to be more politically correct, live-in partner.They have two daughters: Nicole, 12, and Zia, 11.

Dolphy has several children (Rolly, Sally and Dolphy Jr.) by his first wife. The rest are their half-brothers and half-sisters. The most successful so far have been Eric and Jeffrey, acclaimed for their performance in “Markova: Comfort Gay,” shown during the Metro Manila Film Festival of 2000.
The two appeared here with their father, and all went on to win Best Actor awards during the recent Brussels International Film Festival in Belgium.

Many people envy him for his wonderful career and interesting lifestyle. For them, Dolphy is the "king of comedy" who views life with joy and excitement. Born on July 25, 1928, he was raised by his poor parents, Melencio Espinosa Quizon and Salud dela Rosa Vera. He started as a struggling performer onstage during the Japanese Occupation. The late Fernando Poe Sr. gave him his first break as a character actor. His comic talents became well known in the films, "Jack en Jill" and "Facifica Falayfay". Soon, he made many comedy films, alongside fellow comedians, Pugo, Tugo, Babalu, Panchito, Ike Lozada and German Moreno.

He was paired with Nida Blanca in "John en Marsha", the most-watched prime time television program in the 1980s. He almost retired from the industry in 1989 when he was romantically involved with another actress. In 1979, Dolphy was named as the "king of Philippine movies". A decade later, he was declared as the "all-time favorite actor of Philippine movies". In 1994, he was given the Dangal ng Lipi award by the Bert Amorcelo Memorial Foundation and the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by Urian. In 1999, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) named Dolphy as one of the "100 Influential Filipino Artists of the Century. He was also a Parangal ng Bayan and Golden Father Foundation awardee.

The Dolphy saga has not been spared tragedy. Years ago Dolphy Jr. was involved along with Jerry Pons in an arson case which claimed the lives of six persons, including the children of former actress Mina Aragon. Junior was sentenced to life imprisonment, but was later pardoned by former President Joseph Estrada, a colleague and friend of Dolphy.

In 2001, Vandolph figured in a near fatal vehicular accident en route to Baguio when his car struck a truck. “So many people were praying for me and for Vandolph,” Dolphy re-called. His son survived, and was able to walk again. Unfortunately, Vandolph’s girl friend, Desiree Raquiza, died. Religiosity is another side to Dolphy’s multifaceted personality. He prays to a crucified Christ and images of many saints in his home (a reclaimed area in Pasay City near Manila Bay), hears Mass every Sunday and attends novena in Baclaran . During Holy Week, he organizes a padasal in their house.