Bulaklakan-Rural and Barrio Dances



This is classified uner Rural and Barrio Dances. It is a dance that originated in Tagalog Region. During the month of May, it is custom in many parts of the Philippines to celebrate the "Santa Cruz de Mayo," a procession usually followed by a social gathering in the house of the "Hermana Mayor." In some places, the celebration takes the form of folk dances held in front of a provisional alter built by the "Hermana Mayor." Bulaklakan, a lovely and attractive dance, is danced for this occasion. The girls in this dance each hold a garland of leaves and flowers attached to a wire, bamboo or rattan so that the garland will arch when held overhead.

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seph said...

nc nahanap ko rin ang isa ^_^

ara said...

hey guys, could you pls help me where i can download the music of bulaklakan? needed badly. tnx in advance and happy new year!

Anonymous said...

guys do you have the link where i can download the tune for this dance???

Anonymous said...

could you pls help me, where can i download the song or music of bulaklakan? badly needed. tenx...