Banao Lyrics-Kalinga -with English translation

Banao Lyrics

This is a lullaby song. Both mother and father work in the farm. A family member who may be a daughter or a son is left behind to babyist for the baby. Sometimes, much older relatives can do the baby sitting.

The baby is cuddled at the back with a blanket strapped in the torso of the baby sitter. The baby-sitter lulls the baby to sleep by rocking it in a forward-backward
movement of the torso and bending the knee a little.

O-wah, o-wah, o-wah-wi-iyi-i
Nasigab man-tagibi-iyi-i
Maid suyop no labvi
Anosan ta'n bvobva-i-i-i
Siya't kopyan dji bvo-bva-i
O-way adjo't ligatmi-i-iyi
Man-i-goygoy no labvi
O-wah, o-wah, o-wah-wi--iyi-i

English Translation
O-wah, o-wah, o-wah-wi-iyi-i
Baby sitting is hard
No sleep at night
We women can only bear
That's what women are born for
Although there is much to suffer
Lullabying through the night.
O-wah, o-wah, o-wah-wi-iyi-i.


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