Visayan Folk Song-Ilonggo- Ili-ili

Ili-ili, tulog anay,
Wala diri imong Nanay,
Kadto tienda bakal papay,
Ili-ili, tulog anay.

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Anonymous said...

gusto ko nota di lyrics

Anonymous said...

Hello, can i also get the piece from this site? musical piece of Ako'y Kapupot and Sampaguita

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that I have found a filipino site that caters the cultural heritage of filipino in the field of music. I have a collection of filipno folk songs when I was in college and I lost some of them. But now I realized I should have kept them properly. Although I have memorized some of them I kept those Visayan folk songs I loved so much. Whoever made this blog site you're okay. Keep up there are still lots of pinoy abroad who wants to sing filipino songs . I have come to this site because I have a foreigner friend who wanrs to have a copy of Iliili tulog anay- a visayan folk song.

nonoy mackre said...

i want more lullaby songs... have it?

Anonymous said...

Chords pls ??
Maraming Salamat po !!

christele said...

gusto yung full lyrics hindi yung chorus