Tinikling-Rural and Barrio Dances

Tinikling is a Filipino folk dance clasified under Rural and Barrio Dances.

The dance originated in Leyte as an imitation of the legendarily fast and graceful movements of the tikling birds as they dodged bamboo traps set by rice farmers.

An alternative explanation says that the dance originated from Spanish colonization, where field workers who worked too slowly were punished by having to stand in place and jump over two bamboo poles clapped together against their ankles; it is said that from a distance the jumping workers looked like tikling birds.[1] Often, this dance is mistakenly coined as the national dance of the Philippines instead of the CariƱosa.

The dance consists of at least one team of two people hitting two parallel bamboo poles on the ground, raising them slightly, then clapping the poles against each other near the ground with a rhythm. Meanwhile, at least one dancer hops over and around the clashing poles in a manner not entirely unlike jump roping. Usually the dancers use certain rhythms or steps.

source: wikipedia

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