Pagkaing Pinoy-Ginataang Tilapia

picture of tilapia

The genus name Tilapia is a latinisation of the Tswana word for "fish", thiape,coined by Scottish zoologist Andrew Smith in 1840. Some species of tilapia are called St. Peter's fish from the account in the Christian Bible about Peter catching a fish that carried a shekel coin in its mouth. Restaurants and food producers often avoid using tilapia name and instead refer to the fish as whitefish or perch; this is especially common in Europe and the U.S. where consumers are often unfamiliar with tilapia as a food fish.

Ginataang Tilapia -Tilapia Cooked in Coconut Milk
• 6 pieces small Tilapia (gutted and scaled )
• 3 pcs of crushed garlic
• 1 medium size red onion (cut into 4 pcs)
• 1 green pepper (sliced)
• 1 small ginger (crushed and diced)
• 1 big eggplant (cut into eight pieces)
• 1/2 cup squash (cut in thin slices)
• salt to taste
• 2 cups of coconut milk
. peppercorn
• 1/2 cup of vinegar
. 2 pcs of bayleaf

Cooking instruction:

1. Place the tilapia on top of the eggplant, onion, garlic, bayleaf and squash in a saucepan.
2. Pour the first cup of coconut milk. Cook until the combined ingredients are half-cooked.

3. Add the second cup of coconut milk, cup of vinegar and salt to taste.
Let it simmer until cooked or until only a little coconut milk is left.



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