by Kuh Ledesma

uploaded by cathcath.com

You offered me shelter, your coat in the rain
You took me to a restaurant and bought my champagne
Talked about your life, always without a care
The places, the people, so much money to spare.
You offered me fun, a night in your bed
You smiled when I said no and shook my head

'Cause making love is empty when the love is not there
Love has a price and money won't take you there
Making love when you're in love is a magic feeling
It doesn't take much to give your life a priceless meaning

We laughed and talked over the last of the champagne
You told me that love was too much of a strain
And life was simpler when it isn't so deep
Cause love fades easily and is so hard to keep
Once more you offered me fun, a night of pure passion
No love, just fun for two passing attractions

Cause making...cause ...

[Repeat Chrous]

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